Copper Leg Art residency located in northern Estonia, near to the Estonian capital city Tallinn. Activities began in summer 2017 with the help of local municipality and Rae Culture Center. It is a meeting point for creative people, visual artists, musicians, writers etc. for making their art and showing it to people.

About Copper Leg Residency

Located 18 km from Tallinn city center, in the village of Vaskjala, in an old school building surrounded by fields. The house was constructed in 1934 and newly renovated in summer 2017. The residency is coordinated by the Estonian visual artist Janno Bergmann, who lives permanently at the residency. The area is very calm and surrounded by beautiful nature which makes it a quiet space to live and work. At the same time, the Estonian capital city Tallinn is easily reachable, one can get to the City center in 25 min. by bus or in 15 min. by car.

1st Open Call Winter / Spring 2019 results

The Copper Leg Residency is pleased to announce the results of the Winter / Spring 2019 Open Call!

We received a total of 30 applications for the Winter / Spring period (from the middle of January to the middle of May). Because of the high demand, we decided to give the opportunity to participate in our program for more artists than initially planned. We thank all of you who applied and encourage you to apply for future rounds.

Selected Artists for the Winter / Spring 2019 period:

Jahyun Kim (South Korea)

Stephanie Felber (Germany)

Nikita Fauveau (France) and Martyna Kosiarz (Poland)

Anita Gratzer (Austria/Japan)

Guido Salvini (Italy)

Robert Atwater (USA)

Valentina Gonzalez (Colombia)

PS! Open Call for our Summer Residency Program opens February 1st and is due April 1st. The target disciplines will be land art, outside objects, and installation art.

With best regards,
Janno Bergmann & Copper Leg Residency



Mailing address:
Rae koolimaja, Ussiaugu tee, Vaskjala 75313, Rae vald, Harjumaa, Eesti


Open Doors Day / Dóra Lázár & Gábor Karaba exhibition opening

Sunday, December 30th, 16:00 – 20:00 Open Doors Day at Copper Leg Residency 17.00-19.00 Opening of the exhibition of Dóra Lázár and Gábor István Karaba Sunday, December 30th From 16:00 till 20:00, guests can explore the residency space & its doings. At 17:00, Dóra Lázár and Gábor István Karaba will open their exhibition. The artist …