Dance performances & Open Doors Day

Saturday 12th May at Rae Schoolhouse (Ussiaugu tee, Vaskja küla, Rae vald)

15:00 – 18.00 Open Doors Day in Copper Leg Art Residency
18:00 – 18:20 Tara Pandeya dance performance
18:30 – 19.15 Outi Valanto dance performance

From 15:00 to 18:00 the visitors can discover residency space & its doings.

Although international dance month has just passed, we will continue with the theme of dance at the Copper Leg Residency. Following Open Doors Day at the Copper Leg Residency, two dance performances will be held by our artists in residence, starting at 18:00. Program one will be given by Tara Catherine Pandeya, a California-based dancer, who is a specialist of Central Asian traditional dance. Program two will be performed by Finnish dancer Outi Elena Valanto, a former longtime resident of Vienna who works primarily through the medium of contemporary dance. The evening will conclude with an audience-participatory traditional circle-based folk dance from Afghanistan lead by Tara! Cake and cookies will be offered to the audience, along with local Estonian honey products. Come enjoy this sweet dance experience and get better acquainted with our artists in residence!

You are welcome to Rae Schoolhouse on Wormhole road, Copper Leg village, Rae parish (Ussiaugu tee, Vaskjala küla, Rae vald)

Residency website:

Tara website:
Outi website:


Every heartbeat is for dance!

Let us greet the next artist in Copper Leg Residency! Outi Elena Valanto is a contemporary dancer born in Finland, she has been living and working many years in Vienna, Austria, but for now, she plans a move to Köln, Germany. Outi has been studying contemporary dance in Finland, Germany, and Austria. This year she starts her Master’s degree studies in the Netherlands.

During her stay in Copper Leg Residency, she has been participating in a public dance project at the festival “Deutscher Frühling”, organized German embassy and Goethe Institute, also she has been taking part of a dance workshop during dance week in Viljandi Culture Academy. Now she is preparing for her own contemporary dance workshop in Rae Cultural Center at May 5th and solo performance in Copper Leg Residency studio room in Rae Schoolhouse on May 12th. Do not hesitate to take part and be there!

What else? So Outi Elena is an energic person, also very communicative and she has a mostly good mood for some reason! She is a true believer in the dance and probably she is right, dancing seems to make her dopamine levels high! Go for it Outi Elena Valanto! Every heartbeat is for dance!

Oops, we almost forgot, happy name day to you Outi!


Outi webpage:

Today we have a laundry day!

Tomorrow is cleaning day. The day after tomorrow we will open the exhibition in the Rae Schoolhouse and the doors of the Copper Leg Residency for visitors. But that’s not what we wanted to talk about!

In fact, we would like to introduce the next artist in Copper Leg Art Residency. His name is Kåre Holgerson. A versatile artist, printmaker and first-rate art teacher from Kalmar, Sweden.

As for now, he has an exhibition in Pärnu City Gallery and has been giving an excellent photopolymer workshop in Copper Leg last weekend. You know what we are talking about if you visited the workshop.

Kåre is a good communicator and a socially active person, someone who does not find it too much to ache heart about other peoples worries and to help wherever it is possible. In addition, he arranges the work of the Kulturmagasinet, Arts Center in Berkvara and is also one of the founders of this institution.

We are waiting for you on Sunday, April 15 to visit Copper Leg Residency starting at 14:00. Come and say hello to Kare!

PS. There will be soup as well!

Kåre webpage:

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Be there and be ready to squeeze that sponge!

Let us introduce the next artist in the Copper Leg Art Residency. His name is Wayne Liu and he was born in Taiwan. Wayne is a photo artist who lives and works in New York since the end of the 90s. In his artistic practice, he encompasses the fields of archives, photo-based installations, sound recordings and found objects. During his residency period in Copper Leg, he has been making many expeditions to different places in Estonia, to extract information, first-hand experience and impressions. Wayne describes his creative method as becoming into a sponge that can absorb endlessly information into itself.

Now its time to squeeze a bit out of this sponge! On Sunday 15.04 at 14:00 opens his exhibition in Rae schoolhouse, in Residency studio room on Wormhole road and later will follow Open Doors Day in Copper Leg Art Residency. Be there and be ready to squeeze that sponge!

Wayne Liu homepage:

Location of event:…/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4692e9129…

Exhibiton opening & Open Doors Day

15.04 / 14:00 Exhibition opening
Wayne Liu “In the Shape of an Eye”
15.04 / 15:00 – 18:00
Open Doors Day in Copper Leg Art Residency

On Sunday, April 15 at 14:00 opens exhibition of artist Wayne Liu and later will follow Open Doors Day in Copper Leg Art Residency. From 15:00 to 18:00 the visitors can discover residency space & doings. There is also our residents, printmaker and educator Kåre Holgerson from Kalmar, Sweden and photo artist Wayne Liu from New York, USA. We invite you to the exhibition opening and meet the artists.

You are welcome to Rae Schoolhouse on Wormhole road, Copper Leg village, Rae parish (Ussiaugu tee, Vaskjala küla, Rae vald)


Say “ja”and make it five-fold!

Time to introduce the next artist in the Copper Leg Art Residency. Her name is Wang Bei and she is from Shanghai, China! Bei is a painter who has been studying art at Huaqiao  University

Bei is constantly surprised about Estonian weather; how cold it is and how much snow here is. So far she has warmed up herself by painting some abstractions, also landscapes and building an over-life-size snowman. During her time in Copper Leg residency she has been visiting two important cities in Europe, Tallinn and Brussels; and has seen the final destination of bus no. 244 at the end of Aruküla road.

Bei is a person with a positive mindset, she likes to laugh, and her favorite sentence is five-fold “ja” (ja-ja-ja-ja-ja).

Open Doors Day

On Saturday, March 03 Open Doors Day in Copper Leg Art Residency

You are welcome to Rae Schoolhouse on Wormhole road, Copper Leg village, Rae parish (Ussiaugu tee, Vaskjala küla, Rae vald) From 15:00 to 18:00 the visitors can discover residency space & doings. There is also our new residents, life artist Scott Hawkins from Edinburgh, Scotland and painter Wang Bei from Shanghai, China. We invite you to come see the artists and to get an overview of their doings.


We got outer space visitors!

We are happy to introduce next artist in the Copper Leg Residency. Meet Scott Hawkins from Scotland! Scott is very philosophical and multi-talented man. Scott’s sense of humor seems to be in the right place, he knows what the circus is all about.

Mr. Hawkins has been an aerospace engineer, professor of design and cultural studies, experimental musician, electronic instrument builder, performer and most proudly as he says an artist, painter, collagist and print-maker.

That’s not all – Scott is a man who has already got his 15 min of fame as it was promised to everybody by Warhol back in 1968.  Scott got even 3 min extra on Britain’s National Television.

So far we know that he has a plan to investigate the Estonian cultural particularities and keep a visual diary about his research during the stay at Copper Leg Residency. Also, he has agreed to participate in “The 9th March Performance Art Festival” on 10th March in Gallery Metropol, Tallinn.

It feels as if something significant is going on here! Unknown flying objects have been seen lurking on Wormhole road and peeping right into Scott’s window! If you are just as curious as the visitors from space, then you’ve got a chance to see Scott and his hocus-pocus on Open Doors day, Saturday 3rd March at Copper Leg Residency on the Wormhole road!

Scott’s homepage:

Scott’s 18 minutes of fame:


Seaside tales …

We are happy to introduce next artist in the Copper Leg Residency. Andrea is freelance artist and educator based in Vienna, Austria. She started her studies in technical college for creative metal craft in Steyr, continued her studies in the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz and has been upgrading her knowledge in different summer universities in the Netherlands and in Great Britain. She has been participating in many exhibitions, Artist in Residency programs, getting awards and winning competitions in her homeland and internationally. Under her skillful hands have been born a wide range of creations, starting from jewelry collections and ending with church bells.

Andrea is a very energetic, focused and well-orientated person. She does not need to be asked for a helping hand – before you think of opening your mouth, the help has already arrived without spending many words. Her interest is all kind of experiments with daily materials in all its forms. In Copper Leg Residency, Andrea experiments with copper corrosion using local organic materials to bring out patina and her experimental copper jewelry workshop take place today evening at 6 PM. Everybody is welcomed to take part!

So what else? Mhm, she has dark blue eyes and she loves the sea.

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you and see you sooner or later!

Long live the fine art photography!

We have the honor to introduce one of our artists in the residency. Meet Tapio Haapalahti from Finland, Tampere. He is a man with no fear – we suspect he’s ancestors were probably real Vikings or maybe they had roots from blacksmith Ilmarinen family tree.

Tapio is Grandmaster of analog photography and he has 40 years of experiences in that field. Whatever you need to know about old and dignified photography techniques, just ask him and you will be enlightened. Tapio is the organizer of Tampere Camera Fair and is teaching analog photography in Tampere and Rovaniemi universities. He is a man who can create images with river water and develop films by eating vitamin C.

He is a great source of disappearing knowledge’s and he’s spreading this knowledge around him with passion. This is his missionary work next to the unique artworks what he creates.

Besides all that he is an extremely kind person, he is too kind! He brought to Copper Leg Residency full darkroom equipment and studio flash lighting kit. He helped to set it up in two intensive weeks and showed how to use the equipment and many good tricks during his workshop in Copper Leg Residency.

We have not enough words to describe our gratitude to Tapio. These may be small steps for Mr. Tapio Klaus Kullervo Haapalahti, but it’s a giant leap for Copper Leg Artists Residency and a great gift for all the future artists who come to work and live here.

Long live the fine art photography!