Seaside tales …

We are happy to introduce next artist in the Copper Leg Residency. Andrea is freelance artist and educator based in Vienna, Austria. She started her studies in technical college for creative metal craft in Steyr, continued her studies in the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz and has been upgrading her knowledge in different summer universities in the Netherlands and in Great Britain. She has been participating in many exhibitions, Artist in Residency programs, getting awards and winning competitions in her homeland and internationally. Under her skillful hands have been born a wide range of creations, starting from jewelry collections and ending with church bells.

Andrea is a very energetic, focused and well-orientated person. She does not need to be asked for a helping hand – before you think of opening your mouth, the help has already arrived without spending many words. Her interest is all kind of experiments with daily materials in all its forms. In Copper Leg Residency, Andrea experiments with copper corrosion using local organic materials to bring out patina and her experimental copper jewelry workshop take place today evening at 6 PM. Everybody is welcomed to take part!

So what else? Mhm, she has dark blue eyes and she loves the sea.

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you and see you sooner or later!