Open doors day / Marion Bruinenber / Henri Hütt

Sunday, February 19, 2023

13:30 – 16:30 Open day at the Copper Leg Art Residency. Marion Bruinenberg and Henri Hütt present their art.


Marion Bruinenberg is a writer from the Netherlands. Her work focuses firstly on the need for human connection, as it calls for a revolution of empathy. Secondly, while taking a critical view of the social, political, and cultural issues that surround us, she writes about the power of nature and our role and place in it. Her nomination for one of the Dutch most prestigious Essay Awards led to a bidding war between several publishing agencies, which was won by Podium. Her debut novel, Nieuweling (Newcomer), was published in 2022 and was well received in the press, which gave rise to radio interviews, literary performances, and award nominations. At Copper Leg Art Residency, she is working on her second novel.


Henri Hütt is a (performing) artist from Estonia. His spectrum of artwork contains predominantly technological performative acts, sound-performances, staged exhibitions, curating, writing, installative performances, and other unattainable formats.

He graduated from the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy of Culture with a major in choreography and has a master’s degree in performance art from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Henri’s artistic examples include performances, which connect all theatre spaces in Estonia as well as the microtonal flickering of an empty space.

At the Copper Leg Art Residency, Henri deals with giving a voice to those who are not normally listened to or who/what cannot be usually heard. The performative act snippet that he is going to present is called “Safe space for the mistaken ones “.

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Open Doors Day / Sara Pontecorvo & Richard Eigner

Sunday, December 15, 2019
3:30 pm – 6:00 pm Open Doors Day at Copper Leg Residency
16:00 Opening of the Sara Pontecorvo exhibition
17:00 Richard Eigner audio installation and live performance

Sara Pontecorvo (ITA)
Sara Pontecorvo is an Italian artist with a Master’s degree from the RUFA Academy in Rome.
She works mainly with various graphic techniques and painting, using these mediums to study transformative processes and for the creation of organic images.
At Copper Leg Residency, she works with a series of drypoint prints inspired by the atmosphere and surroundings of Vaskjala village.

Richard Eigner (AUT)
Richard Eigner is a sound artist, percussionist & composer living and working in Vienna and Linz, Austria.
He is working mainly in the fields of experimental acoustic music and multichannel electronic compositions and installations that investigate acoustic phenomenons. His doctorate work “Denoising Field Recordings. The Denoising of Noise” was dealing with removal processes in the sound domain.
During the Copper Leg Residency, he aims to work on field recordings in the Vaskjala area, that will be featured in a multi-channel sound installation. Materials, such as styrofoam half balls, transducers, little bells might also be a part of the final outcome.
The new work will be presented with the extension of an improvised drum concert.

Richard Eigner is supported by i-Portunus & Linz Kultur

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The event is supported by Tanker Brewery

See you on Sunday!

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