Open doors day / Elsa Mencagli / Nienke Fransen / Kris Sahlholdt

Sunday, August 14, 2022
13:30 – 16:30 Open doors day at Copper Leg Art Residency / Art presentations by Elsa Mencagli, Nienke Fransen, Kris Sahlholdt.

Elsa Mencagli (DK/IT) is a multimedia artist currently based in Italy. She holds a Bachelor’s from Aarhus School of Architecture (Denmark, 2016) and a Master of Fine Art in Performing Arts from Iceland University of the Arts (Iceland, 2019). As a multimedia artist, she creates and thinks across media, from sculptural installation to video and performance. Through practices of attentive listening and attunement to both the body and the environment, her creative work takes form in the attempt to reveal and make felt what often remains unnoticed. She is interested in crafting conditions to experience diverse modes of encounter that may create shifts in perception and propose different modes of inter-relation. Her work is often situated in a specific environment, becoming with and within it.

At Copper Leg Art Residency she explores the poetics of a language emerging within a structure of threads and stones, being with what remains of verbal language when translated into other materials. It becomes rhythm and form, matter and void, a silent composition, a trace of words. In bringing the act of writing into the landscape, she started to think about the relation of the human with the land through that lens. In how when writing into the land, the land writes itself into our being. Further reflecting on how the humans and the land are interwoven in the fabric in constant becoming.

Artist website:
Instagram: @elsa_mencagli


Nienke Fransen (BE) is a sculptor and audiovisual artist combining traditional with contemporary techniques. Through working primarily with wood and video she tries to figure out human relations: interested in nature/nurture, she wonders which way these influences go, where they start, and where they end. At Copper Leg Art Residency Fransen made stained glass works that reflect on this context that surrounds and shapes you, and on the green and urban gardening in cities, the green that is so abundant in Vaskjala.

Instagram: @niznke


Kris Sahlholdt (b. 1996, Copenhagen) is a Danish interdisciplinary artist who makes sculptural work directed by a performative thinking process.

Kris’s recent projects have been based on an interest in making collaborations with non-human entities and environments, as a way of reestablishing deep and meaningful relationships with nature. Building relationships takes time and for this reason, the techniques of traditional skills are often incorporated into the practice. Traditional ways of making are often slow, and repetitive and allow for a deeper appreciation of the material and its unique characters.

For the Copper Leg Art Residency, Kris wanted to make woven structures out of locally sourced materials. Specifically, with an interest in applying the traditional technique of fence-weaving to the art pieces. Having long been frustrated by the ways in which modern fences, perhaps as much psychologically as physically, separates humans and non-humans from interacting with each other, the artist wanted to (re)create a structure inspired by traditional wattle fences with an emphasis on reconnecting with the wild – within nature and within ourselves.

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Instagram: @krisaasahl


See you on Sunday!

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