Copper Leg Art Residency Winter/Spring Residency Artists Joint Exhibition

Saturday 05.06.2021 – 15:00

You are welcome to the opening of a joint exhibition of Copper Leg Art Residency artists at Rae Cultural Center. The exhibition provides an overview of the works performed by guest artists during their residency in the period January – May 2021.

Artists participating in the exhibition:

Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo (FIN / EST)
Mari Prekup (EST)
Ulvi Haagensen (AUS / EST)
Sven-Erik Stamberg (EST)
Meelis Salujärv (EST)
Maarja Mäemets (EST)
Ingrid Helena Pajo (EST)
Eugenio Marini (ITA)

See you on Saturday!

The event is supported by Tanker Brewery
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Open Doors Day / Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo art presentation

On Sunday, February 21, 2021
17:30 – 21:00 Open Doors Day at Copper Leg Art Residency
Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo art presentation, vinyl records played by Misha Panfilov, surprise performers, the celebration of the jubilee of Rae Cultural Center.

Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo (born. 1978) is a Finnish artist and producer, currently working in the fields of culture, art, and entertainment in Tallinn.
She has a BA in culture and art producing, has studied sculpture in Slovakia, and finished her MA in Estonian Academy of Arts.

At Copper Leg Art Residency Kaarnamo has done snow research, worked with basic forms, memories, and landscape. Her approach and tools are playfulness and observation, to look – to see. By reorganizing the familiar, we allow ourselves to see the new.

Artist’s website:

We invite all of you who are interested in art and culture to enjoy Sunday evening at Rae schoolhouse in Vaskjala, accompanied by art, music, and craft beer, and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rae Culture Center.

See you on Sunday!
The event is supported by Tanker Brewery
Event location:
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Meow folks!

I know you all are dying out of curiosity to know all about this cute cat in the picture! OK, let’s get this cat business done first – then we can focus on the other things. The cat’s name is Vicolo and he is a regular street cat from Italy, who had the luck to charm Finnish artists who were visiting his hometown and finally who ended up as hosts for this cutie. His special abilities are to not leak inside the house and being nice towards people.

Now we can go back to the regular business: let’s take a look at the other person in the picture! We are happy to introduce a new artist in our residency and her companion. Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo is from Pori, Finland. She has been studying in many art academies in her homeland, upgraded her knowledge in Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and finished her Master of Arts studies at Tallinn Art Academy. She has presented her artworks here, there and also elsewhere.

The creative method of Niina-Anneli can be characterized as spying over the space. She throws questions into the room and gets answers back, even if they have been there never before. The tactical tools are disorganizing the room stage, separating the unity and creating new units, channeling focus points, and all it happens in plentiful cognitive brine. Finally, she melts all of that diffused cloud of collected pieces together and in front of us we can see the rising of something unidentified but at the same time very familiar.

Her work in progress can be seen on November 26 in Copper Leg Residency during the Open Doors Day and the final result, at the exhibition on January 5 in Rae Cultural Center’s gallery “Rae Kunsti Plats”.

Copper Leg Residency would like to give a warm welcome to the brave souls!