Open Doors Day / Jila Svicevic & Tarrvi Laamann

Sunday 01.08.2021 / 13:30 – 17:00

You are welcome to the Copper Leg Art Residency Open Doors Day at Rae schoolhouse starting at 13:30.

We start with the seed bomb workshop, followed by a presentation of Jila Svicevic’s work of environmental art. In the second part of the program, we will open a pop-up painting exhibition by Tarrvi Laamann and the evening will end with garage-chill and reggae music.

Jila Svicevic (b. 1991, Yugoslavia, Novi Sad) is an environmentally and socio-psychologically engaged interdisciplinary artist, based in Tallinn, Estonia since 2017. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MA in Intermedia, 2020). Additionally, she has studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts (New Media, Design MA), and the University of Nova Gorica (Media Arts and Practices, MA). She has had exhibitions in Hungary, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Switzerland, and South Korea.

Her projects articulate contemporary environmental and social issues, with a focus on sociocultural, biological, and mental diversity. She is keen to be active in the intersections of art and science in order to help sustainable development. She considers different media formats as potential tools for communication, education, adaptation, and finding creative solutions at the social level. Her goal is to engage new conversations and encourage a wider public to take actions in order to protect our ecosystems.

At the Copper Leg Art residency, she took the challenge to create new narratives between human perception and the natural landscape. While wishing to experience more about the way’s humanity could relate to sites, objects, and processes that may lead the way towards systemic change. In addition, she conducts a seed bomb workshop on an open-door day.

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Tarrvi Laamann, an artist and DJ born in 1973 in Estonia who lives and works in Jamaica. In his art he takes a pleasant, or well-vibrating impulse from the surroundings and brings it to the viewer, using various technologies. He calls finding the optimistic impulse from the environment and a later creative expression: “Tarrvinism.”

At the Copper Leg Art Residency, Tarrvi will make a pop-up painting exhibition, give the old metal garage a new look, and spin the reggae records.

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See you on Sunday!

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