Open doors day / Alberonero / Teresa Lane / Maya Simkin

Sunday, July 17, 2022 

13:30 – 16:30 Open doors day at Copper Leg Art Residency / Art presentations by Alberonero, Teresa Lane, Maya Simkin. 

Alberonero [black tree] is a designer, painter, sculptor, and sometimes a farmer. Born in Lodi (1991), he soon started experimenting with painting in relationship to physical space through graffiti techniques. While studying Interior Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan, he had the chance to merge experience with theory and embrace a cross-disciplinary practice.  

His last project Campo [field] stems from his need to reset his being in Nature. From 2020 to 2021 he lived in symbiosis with a field of 290 poplar trees destined to be cut down, in the countryside of Campogalliano, Italy. Immersed amongst this ensemble of trees every day, he performed, created temporary installations, filmed, photographed, and interacted with the life of this environment: synthesis and symbol of nature as a whole. Artist states: “Trees are my companions and I wish to be a tree.”  

At Copper Leg residency Alberonero built a chair made of metal and grass. Equipped with wheels, it can accompany our movement in the landscape and suggest new experiences. It was used daily throughout his residency and symbolizes for the artist the desire to touch the landscape and take it with him. 

Teresa Lane is from Brisbane, Australia, and has studied jewelry art both in Melbourne and Tallinn. In 2008 she had an epiphany in Kyoto that her purpose in life is to be an object maker. In recent years she has been living and working in Barcelona, Spain. She has since realized the importance of making art in life and has returned to start a project to make dream weapons. She wants to play with the line between our conscious world and the unknown world of our dreams, to create weapons to take into nightmares to protect, empower, and rewrite the narrative.

Maya Simkin grew up nearby Chicago, USA, and is studying American jurisprudence at law school and Talmud with a queer Yeshiva. Maya desires practices of surrender and devotion, spiraling towards liberation. During the stay at Copper Leg, Maya will design an outdoor communication device, inspired by water lilies, to exalt breath. 

See you on Sunday! 

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