Open doors day / Anders Bergman / Tina Kohlmann

Saturday, November 26, 2022  

13:30 – 16:30 Open doors day at the Copper Leg Art Residency/presentation of Anders Bergman and Tina Kohlmann artworks. 


Anders Bergman is a Swedish artist who has lived and worked primarily in Helsinki since 2000. Bergman’s art practice is a journey through diverse fields of installation, painting, music, sounds and social environments – in which he investigates energy across a vast array of forms. He conceives of music and other forms of sound as a sort of “floating architecture”, and in turn, he often thinks of paintings and installations as “frozen music”. 

At Copper Leg art residency Bergman is working on an upcoming installation work that will be presented in Helsinki next summer. The installation work will consist of a series of collage works made from found semitransparent architect drawings which will be displayed on the gallery windows. 

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Tina Kohlmann is a German artist living and working in Frankfurt. Her work presents artifacts, ideas, and stories. Inspired by traces of shamanic practice she slowly crafts her very own mythology through a semi-anthropological approach, mixed with a degree of pop cultural aesthetics. The resulting worlds are suspended between nature and culture, legends, and facts, found and fictional objects. The works often suggest functionality as ritual objects, yet they do not answer the question of who might be using them, or which kind of ceremonies they are meant for.  

At Copper Leg Art Residency Kohlmann is creating a latch hook rug and ceramics in relation to her research on Estonian folklore, mythology, and magic. 

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See you on Saturday!


The event is supported by: Tanker Brewery 

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