Open Doors Day

On Friday, Feb. 09 Open Doors in Copper Leg Art Residency.

You are welcome to Rae Schoolhouse on Wormhole road, Copper Leg village, Rae parish (Ussiaugu tee, Vaskjala küla, Rae vald) From 18:00 to 21:00 the visitors can discover residency space, doings. There is also our new residents, Finnish photoartist Tapio Haapalahti from Tampere, who is preparing darkroom and studio corner in Schoolhouse, to held analog photography workshops on this weekend, and also you can see his own creations in Open Door day. Andrea experiments with copper corrosion in Copper Leg Residency, she is using local organic materials to bring out patina, and her experimental copper jewelry workshop is scheduled for Wednesday evening. We invite you to come see the artists and to get an overview of their doings.