Long live the fine art photography!

We have the honor to introduce one of our artists in the residency. Meet Tapio Haapalahti from Finland, Tampere. He is a man with no fear – we suspect he’s ancestors were probably real Vikings or maybe they had roots from blacksmith Ilmarinen family tree.

Tapio is Grandmaster of analog photography and he has 40 years of experiences in that field. Whatever you need to know about old and dignified photography techniques, just ask him and you will be enlightened. Tapio is the organizer of Tampere Camera Fair and is teaching analog photography in Tampere and Rovaniemi universities. He is a man who can create images with river water and develop films by eating vitamin C.

He is a great source of disappearing knowledge’s and he’s spreading this knowledge around him with passion. This is his missionary work next to the unique artworks what he creates.

Besides all that he is an extremely kind person, he is too kind! He brought to Copper Leg Residency full darkroom equipment and studio flash lighting kit. He helped to set it up in two intensive weeks and showed how to use the equipment and many good tricks during his workshop in Copper Leg Residency.

We have not enough words to describe our gratitude to Tapio. These may be small steps for Mr. Tapio Klaus Kullervo Haapalahti, but it’s a giant leap for Copper Leg Artists Residency and a great gift for all the future artists who come to work and live here.

Long live the fine art photography!