We got outer space visitors!

We are happy to introduce next artist in the Copper Leg Residency. Meet Scott Hawkins from Scotland! Scott is very philosophical and multi-talented man. Scott’s sense of humor seems to be in the right place, he knows what the circus is all about.

Mr. Hawkins has been an aerospace engineer, professor of design and cultural studies, experimental musician, electronic instrument builder, performer and most proudly as he says an artist, painter, collagist and print-maker.

That’s not all – Scott is a man who has already got his 15 min of fame as it was promised to everybody by Warhol back in 1968.  Scott got even 3 min extra on Britain’s National Television.

So far we know that he has a plan to investigate the Estonian cultural particularities and keep a visual diary about his research during the stay at Copper Leg Residency. Also, he has agreed to participate in “The 9th March Performance Art Festival” on 10th March in Gallery Metropol, Tallinn.

It feels as if something significant is going on here! Unknown flying objects have been seen lurking on Wormhole road and peeping right into Scott’s window! If you are just as curious as the visitors from space, then you’ve got a chance to see Scott and his hocus-pocus on Open Doors day, Saturday 3rd March at Copper Leg Residency on the Wormhole road!

Scott’s homepage:

Scott’s 18 minutes of fame: