Open doors day / John McGarity

Sunday, December 18, 2022
13:30 – 16:30 Open doors day at the Copper Leg Art Residency / John McGarity’s installation presentation.

John McGarity is an American visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His work utilizes multiple mediums including painting, video, photography, and multi-media installation.  

“197: Order of the Old Line” is a series of works that have been developing for over 20 years now. The work is couched in a folklore-driven narrative. His process involves researching different regional folklore and mythology for elements that he collects and processes through his experiences and visual cues to develop his own narrative allegories. The intent of his research is to find common elements that are found in different provincial storytellings and how the use of colloquial symbology and pictorial depictions help inform an ethos and virtue within specific communities and what are the nuanced elements that are common with other regional communities around the world, both contemporary and historical. For his project at Copperleg Artist Residency, McGarity has created a multimedia installation loosely based on the Estonian folklore character Vanatühi and his küüntest kübar (a hat of fingernails that he believes makes him invisible). John has used these ideas to inform his character Vance Tooey, an old and rarely seen man that lives out on the edge of the town Mallet Creek, along the Falu Bogs, where he makes his clay ocarinas. For the people of Mallet Creek, his rare and mysterious presence is the subject of rumor, curiosity, and fear as no one really knows much about him beyond anecdotal sightings and stories. 

See you on Sunday! 


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